Susan and Kyan Krumdieck from The Story of Us

24 mins by Forethought |

Professor Susan Krumdieck has discovered how the power of storytelling and embedded mythologies can shape the way we interact with the realities of our environment. In this episode, she discusses a proposed collaboration with her videographer son Kyan, The Story of Us. Currently youth are exposed to a future illustrated by media as either science fiction fantasy or an apocalyptic nightmare.

The Story of Us seeks to tackle the idea that it is impossible to transition beyond a fossil fuel era, and aspires to open young people up to the realities of climate change. By introducing them to traditional fables and stories that easily break down the apparent ‘unfixable’ environmental crisis, young people can understand the crisis in more consumable chunks. The content aims to inspire this critical generation to take full advantage of their high school education and explore career options that are essential contributors to the future of our planet.